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Summer 2021 Product Ideas

This week, we wanted to share ideas for new products that you could launch this summer that are expected to do well.

Casey Carroll
19 Mar

Summer will be here before you know it, which means people are going to start buying different products including both seasonal necessities and products that will simply make their year happy and fun.  

That’s why this week, we wanted to share ideas for new products that you could launch this summer that are expected to do well. Below is a list of potential products and the reasons why they’re expected to excel this summer season:

  1. Twinkle Lights: These lights have a history of booming between June and November There are both string lights that you can wrap around a pillar or a curtain and others that you can use for decor.
  2. Ionic Hairbrush: These brushes have been trending and help with frizzy hair, perfect for defeating summer humidity!
  3. Peel-Off Mask: Self-care items continue to excel on the market and don’t seem to be slowing down.
  4. Unique Summer Clothing/Shoes: If you are interested in selling apparel, the summer months offer a good chance to find unique clothing and/or footwear that you can use to build a unique brand.
  5. Inflatable Toys: These have always been and will continue being the hottest summer product. Inflatable toys come in all shapes and sizes, so pick the right one for you and your business!
  6. Waterproof/Protective phone cases: Consumers will be looking for new ways to protect their phones during the summer months when they’re outside and around water more.
  7. Bluetooth speaker: These speakers can accompany people anywhere and offer fun wherever they go! This product’s popularity continues to rise and is expected to do well this summer as people venture out of their homes.
  8. Ice Cream Maker: Ice cream makers always do better in the summer months and are a fun product to sell. If you decide to sell them, make sure you pay for a good ad placement because most sales for this product come from Google searches.
  9. Beach Towels: Mandala beach towels have risen in popularity over the years and expected to do well in 2021.
  10. Remote Control Cars: These outdoor toys have become popular in the toy market and are expected to spike in sales once the weather warms up and kids play outside.

We hope this was helpful and you were able to find a product that will suit your brand in the summer months. Until next time, let us know if you have any questions or comments below!

Casey Carroll
19 Mar

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