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A Treat for You

This week, we are going to take a look at Pirasta.

Casey Carroll
30 Oct

Trick or treat! 

Happy Halloweekend! No tricks this week, but we have a real treat for you all!

Halloween is full of magic and wonder, so we wanted to take a deeper look into one of our funded brands that brings magic and wonder to the world.

This week, we are going to take a look at Pirasta.

Pirasta is a business that sells giant coloring posters as well as dual colored pencils. The giant posters are the ultimate fun project for anyone who likes to color. Spread it on the floor or hang it on the wall and invite everyone to join in! This poster also makes a mega-awesome party project. It’s a great way to introduce art and encourage collaboration. It’s also just a good reason to shut off the TV, get creative and go crazy with color.

Pirasta believes fun and education should come together through interaction and participation. They embrace exploration and love art, design, and learning. Their goal is simple: they want to bridge all these passions to create one big colorful world. 

Mira, Founder of Pirasta gives further insight into the brand and what led her to creating Pirasta:

“Growing up, my parents would tape a large sheet of paper to the wall and my sister and I would spend hours drawing and coloring on it. When my son started drawing on the walls of our small NYC apartment, it seemed like a good idea to give him a way to pursue his heart’s desire without causing lasting damage. So, I did what my parents did but, because he was crazy about rocket ships, I drew him a space scene to color. That was when the idea for Pirasta was born."

Pirasta works with different, unique illustrators to create these magical posters. These posters are happily made with recycled paper and vegetable ink! Below are descriptions of each special world.

What a Colorful World was illustrated by Allison Kerek: “Go on a globe-trotting adventure by bringing color to this tour-de-force illustration that charts every continent. In joyful detail, this map celebrates the cultural diversity that can be found across the earth. From traditional dress and historical landmarks to iconic foods and natural wonders, this poster is out-of-this-world!”

Let’s Color America was illustrated by Allison Kerek: “Take a tour of the USA with this map depicting the 50 states with all their splendor and diversity. Illustrated with fun and quirky charm, you can color America while charting its great historical landmarks, its glorious monuments of nature, and the specific foods and people that make every corner of the country so unique.”

The Big Apple was illustrated by James Gulliver Hancock: “If you can color it here, you’ll color it anywhere. New York City is depicted in all its glory, from the iconic to the majestic to the quirky. Can you identify the landmarks, neighborhoods and people who make this town great?”

Food Fight! was illustrated by Kris Mukai: “Calling all foodies! Put table manners aside and join the most epic food fight ever. Get messy in this gorgeously illustrated scene. Find fruits, vegetables and oodles of edibles. Bring them to life for a fabulous feast of color.”

Funny Farm was illustrated by Greg Kletsel: “This is like no petting zoo we’ve ever seen! In a sprawling design that celebrates the absurd, you’ll find donkeys wearing top hats and kicks, pigs munching on pizza, dogs playing cards and cows skateboarding. Hours of fun for creatures great and small.”

Pirasta products are available on their website, World Market, Crate and Barrel, Target stores, and Target.com!

Pirasta delivers the big picture and leaves the color up to you. (And no one cares if you go outside the lines!)

We hope this blog post brought you joy, creativity, and magic!

Until next time, let us know if you have any questions or comments below!

Casey Carroll
30 Oct

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